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Your custom rug is never a customary solution.

There are a multitude of reasons why a custom rug from Legacy Looms may be the unique design solution you’re seeking. You might be struggling with an extra-long hall or a quirky space. Perhaps you’ve dug through too many rug piles, without finding the right colors, pattern and size. Or your client simply desires a one-of-a-kind, unabashed focal point. Artist-in-Residence Blair Bender brings decades of expertise to such challenges.

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Research and Inspiration

Creating an original rug takes into account all of the client’s desires, from tastes and interests to color and design preferences. There are factual starting points—palette, style and purpose—and sometimes thematic sources like a picture or poem.

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Concept and Design

With the desires and requirements established, the next step is to create a rendering of an original design that enables you to visualize the rug and which exceeds expectations. Upon approval, we order the intermediary step, the meticulously manufactured strike-off.

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Quality Control and Production

Select artisans in India, Pakistan, Nepal or Turkey dye handspun yarns, then weave the strike-off, a small section of your rug. You can see, touch and place it, confirming its perfection. Only if approved do we order the final rug.

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Delve into the art of custom rugmaking with
Artist-in-Residence Blair Bender.

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